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Porto da Lua, Beach Hotel in Praia do Forte

The only Beach Hotel Praia do Forte

The moon is symbol of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte – but there is enough sun

Beach Hotel Praia do Forte, the only place for you to live virtually next to the sea, like in your own weekend house on the beach

If you are able to stay with us in our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte - Porto da Lua during or a few days after a full moon, you will understand why the Hotel is called “Porto da Lua” - Harbour of the Moon, or simply Moon harbour. It is just breath-taking to watch the full moon rising out of the ocean, over the reef, just in front of our beach Hotel Praia do Forte. During moonrise, the outer reef forms a lagoon, leaving the illusion being filled with silver. And opposite, on your right, the charming lighthouse completes the picture of a virtual harbour of the moon.

Piscinas naturais or natural pool

These natural pools are called “Piscinas naturais”. They are beautiful to watch, because they constantly change their visual. They form a never tiring landscape to watch, sometimes with glittering of the morning sun reflecting in the quite lagoon in front of the Beach Hotel Praia do Forte, sometimes – during high tide - just full of energy with the waves rolling up to the fence of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte. They are beautiful for snorkelling. And with high tide, they are beautiful to swim in, with exciting rolling waves going up and down, but no breaking waves except at the very beach and after all, you do not need to fear that a tidal current may be pulling you away towards the open sea.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil