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Porto da Lua, Beach location

Beach located Hotel-Praia do Forte

Beach Hotel Praia do Forte virtually on the beach

Our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte is right on top of one of the most superb beaches in Brasil- at the periphery of the world but in the centre of one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil

Porto da Lua is directly on the beach, and a few steps behind our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte is the small town Praia do Forte itself. Near by for shopping and/or enjoying night life with the many restaurants, bars and life music. And still far away not to be bothered by the sometimes quite blustering night life over the weekends and during festivals and Carnaval.

Hotel Praia do Forte constant sea breeze, a unique comfort issue

There are a few items witch distinguishes our Porto da Lua Beach Hotel-Praia do Forte from almost any other option which you may consider. One is certainly the almost constant sea breeze which is a unique comfort issue of this Hotel Praia do Forte, and which distinguishes our Hotel from all other options you may consider in Praia do Forte. During summer 2005 and 2006, air temperatures were regularly checked and air temperature never exceeded 30.5 °C, at around one o’clock in the afternoon, and cooled down to 27°C at night. This is the result of being so close to the ocean. A few meter more inland, and a remarkable rise in air temperature will make life hard without air conditioners.

About our moon of the “Moon Harbour”- Hotel Praia do Forte

But there is also the spectacular few from your hammock over the ocean and the beach. Breathe taking. As the tide changes, so does the spectacular view. The scenario is constantly changing. With low tide, you see the reef and the quit pool formed by the reef and the beach, with calm crystal clear waters. During full moon, this lagoon, sandwiched in between the reef and the beach, looks almost mystique in the full moon light. A few hours later, with rising tide, the scenario changes completely, without you having to move your position in your hammock or in one of our comfortable Hotel Praia do Forte beach chairs. Now, the place is suddenly filled with energy, and the sound of the rolling waves crashing on the beach, and the few has changed to become also full of energy. Gone is the peaceful and almost esoteric astral, and you feel the air full of energy and dynamics. Which, as the times goes on, a few hours will become calm again. And, as the hour of tide levels changes every day by about 50 minutes, this change is different from the day to day, also because the sun or the moon will shine, reflect and glitter different in the ocean. The tidal change between low and high tide is up to 2,5 meters. How does it work? Why is the high and low tide almost one hour later from one day to another?How moon effects tides of our Hotel-Praia do Forte

The answer lies in the gravitational force of the moon, the sun and the earth, and the rotation of the earth around its own axis within 24 hours and the rotation of the moon around the earth within approx 29,5 days.

The simplified picture below shows the forming of a little mountain in direction towards and opposite of the moon. This little mountain is our high tide. By its gravitational force the moon pulls the water of the ocean to form a kind of “Water Mountain”, which forms the high tide, and by the rotating of the earth; this mountain seams to walk across, being fixed in front of the moon.

The moon, however, by itself rotates every 28 days around the planet earth, so this “mountain of water” is never at the same place at the same time of day, because within the one day waiting for the next tide, the moon has gone a little bit further on his journey around the planet earth.

In fact, the moon had travelled about 50 minutes further, resulting from the following calculation: 24 (the hours needed for the earth to rotate once around her own axis) divided by 28 (the number of days, the moon needs to travel once around the earth). So every day, the high tide (and of course the low tide) is about one hour later than the day before in front of the Porto da Lua Beach Hotel Praia do Forte. We have a time table, already given hours in Brasilian time. But the Brasil time here in Praia do Forte is not the same one as in Sao Paulo, so some time tables are one hour ahead.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil