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Porto da Lua, sea front rooms

Hotel-Praia do Forte, all rooms on the beach

Beach Hotel-Praia do Forte, all rooms facing spectacular ocean view

Our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte with large nice rooms and a magnificent ocean view

All rooms have at least one large balcony with hammock, large king size beds of 180cm, TV with 6 national and local channels, telephone with direct dialling options, electronic safe, minibar, little writing desk, air conditioner and/or ventilator and an easy access to all our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte facilities and – of course - to the beach.

Beach front rooms with spectacular view

And above all, the rooms have a spectacular view over the ocean and are exposed to the constant lovely sea breeze which makes your stay in our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte so comfortable. And this Hotel Praia do Forte has a splendid tropical architecture. You have to travel far to find equal charm, peace and fresh gentle constant breeze pleasing your body and mind.

It is not too much to say that this natural SPA beats probably every artificial SPA, no matter how sophisticated in lay out. You may arrive carrying your signs of daily stress – but you will leave refreshed by the beauty of our natural SPA.

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The urban philosophy from the renowned architect Wilson Reis Netto was to integrate as much as possible form natural resources into the design of the habitat. In this Wilson Reis Netto was a Pioneer and in front of the avant garde. His Concept of cross ventilation was also fascinating to Professor Helmut Schulitz, who visited Porto da Lua in February 2009 as a guest and who won the architectural competition on rebuilding the soccer stadium “Fonte Nova” in Salvador, in order to make Salvador, the capital of Bahia, fit fort he soccer world games in 2014: ”The concept and the realization of tropical architecture for this Beach Hotel Praia do Forte - Porto da Lua is amazingly well balanced, and its comfort provided by the cross through ventilation of the natural breeze is amazing”.Le Corbusier influenced the work of Wilson Reis Netto

Architects from various countries have repeated that compliment to the designer and therefore o this Beach Hotel Praia do Forte itself. So for example the Architect Matthias Gorenflos from the office “Gorenflos Architekten” in Berlin, who was amazed to see the influence of Le Corbusier everywhere in this Hotel Praia do Forte, from the geometrical proportions of the rooms, especially in the second floor, to the choice of materials. This because Wilson was not only a co-worker of Le Corbusier, but also was successor in following Le Corbusier on his chair at the University of Sorbonne in Paris, after le Corbusier passed away. This honour by itself is a remarkable award for the architecture of our Beach Hotel Praia do Forte Porto da Lua, but of course also for the Ecoresort and the old “Pousada Praia do Forte”, which was pulled down a few years ago.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil