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Porto da Lua, beach restaurant

Beautiful Hotel-Praia do Forte Restaurant

The kitchen is international – the view is over our Hotel Praia do Forte beach

Quality in service – up to the dinner or drinks on the beach area of our nice Beach Restaurant Hotel-Praia do Forte

We, in the only beach Pousada in Praia do Forte, have the privilege to serve you in two beautifully located and charming restaurants. One of them is situated directly on the beach, next to the shore line of the ocean. The other Restaurant is inside, with a great view over the ocean and the reef. At Porto da Lua Beach Pousada Praia do Forte, you will not be squeezed in an air-conditioned restaurant, but enjoy your breakfast and meals in a nicely vented, tropical environment.

We are proud of the quality of our kitchen, because our clients tell us that our meals taste grate. It does not reach the top of French or Italian cuisine, but our guests tell us it is among the best options in Praia do Forte. We are very confident, that we also will please your taste. We have options from the sea and from the ranch: fresh fish, good filet and nice risotto or “Penne tres continents”, and much more. We are sure you will find your choice in our menu. And we prepare everything fresh. It may take a while, but the waiting is worth while. Our kitchen works from 12:00 to 22:30.

Caiperinha: We use a recipe which comes from the barman from the former ancient “Pousada Praia do Fo

Our barman is renowned for his Caiperinha. The recipe comes from the barman from the old “Pousada Praia do Forte”, where the original drinks were used for the parties of Klaus Peters, Wilson Reis Netto and their guests, many times also high Politicians, like Antônio Carlos Magalhães (nicknamed also ACM). With the closing of the former “Pousada Praia do Forte”, the barman moved next door to Porto da Lua and with him the recipe. Here we will share our secret with you:

The Caipirinha recipe from the former “Pousada Praia do Forte”:

- 1 lime
- 2 spoons full of normal sugar
- one dose of cachaça, and most of the times a little bit more
- the glass full of ice cubes.

Preparation of your Caipirinha: The ingredients are common. It is – like most of the times – the making, the preparation which gives differentiation. Here we go: Clean the lime. Cut the two side parts off. Cut the remaining lime in two half’s. Remove the white interior; which is important, otherwise the Caipirinha will become sour. Then cut the lime in 6 peaces. Put them together with two spoons of sugar in a shaker. Smash the limes together with the sugar with a peace of wood. Then fill the remaining cup with ice cubes. Put a dose of cachaça, but add more than a normal dose. Shake it. And then, pour it in a glass and cheers to you.

Don’t forget to make a cheer with your Caipirinha to our barman of our Porto da Lua Beach Pousada Praia do Forte.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil