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Porto da Lua, VIP seminar

Inspiring tropical atmosphere, Pousada-Praia do Forte

Porto da Lua – Beach Pousada Praia do Forte, the perfect spot for your creative VIP seminar

If you plan a inspiring VIP Seminar – come to the only Beach Pousada Praia do Forte

Our Beach Pousada Praia do Forte - Porto da Lua has the potential to offer accommodation for small seminars in a creative tropical atmosphere at the beach. We have done this for selected companies and embassies. The seminars are unforgettable for the participants, because the atmosphere is the perfect boundary for a relaxed, inspiring meeting.

It is not the place for hard working meetings, it is the places for decision makers who want to flee form noisy urban environment. We have a meeting room with broad band WLAN and overhead projector. And we have a very good cuisine and a spacious restaurant which is perfect for out of the agenda discussions.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil