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Porto da Lua, Solar energies

Pousada-Praia do Forte: Solar energy, but then switched to heat pump

Renewable energies - unlimited resources for a sustainable ecotourism

Renewable energies for achieving local and global sustainability, Beach Pousada-Praia do Forte

The North East of Brazil has great resources of Hydro and Wind power and almost unlimited access to Solar Power. Unfortunately, the growing electricity demand of the region is covered by the installation of new gas and carbon power plants.

PV instead diesel back up

Many of the Hotels and Pousadas Praia do Forte are installing Diesel generators to supply electricity in case of power failure from the local utility COELBA. The Beach Pousada Praia do Forte - Porto da Lua has installed PV to power our illumination during absence of grid power, and therefore avoiding necessary pollution.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil