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Porto da Lua, unforgettable wedding

Say Yes in front of the ocean, Pousada-Praia do Forte

Realize your dream wedding in our Beach Pousada Praia do Forte

We limit the number of weddings at our Beach Pousada Praia do Forte, but we have hosted some of the most extraordinary celebrations

Weddings during low seasons are possible at our beach Pousada in Praia do Forte. It may be a dream wedding for most participants, with the ceremony in front of our Pousada-Praia do Forte, at sunset. Wedding requires closing to Pousada for the wedding alone and its invited guests.

Please ask our special conditions for fulfilling your dream of a weeding in the tropics. We normally limit weddings for max one to two weddings per year – but it is possible if you wish to have an exclusive, unforgettable wedding in front of the beach and ocean, and with the blessing of the Bahia sea Goodess Jemanjá. And with an excellent service from our Porto da Lua team at the Beach Pousada Praia do Forte.
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Porto da Lua - Praia do Forte
Porto da Lua, Praia do Forte, Bahia, nordeste do Brasil